Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas

Published on March 12, 2015


Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas but it comes along every year despite their objections. Their neighbours, the “Greek-eys” voted for Christmas to come early but that didn’t alter things either.

I think that there is an important point to come out of the ongoing problems of Greece’s economy that hasn’t been highlighted yet – that voting for the world to be a different place is little different from wishing it to be so, and just as effective. Greek voters, on balance, voted for a change to the terms of their rescue finance but this did not produce a change, just a government who asked its creditors for a change. The creditors listened, after all, as they say , “when you owe the bank a million (make that a billion now) it’s the bank that has the problem”. But they didn’t grant Greece one wish, never mind three. The real result was something that is commercially viable and works within the capitalist system to which Greece and all other interested parties subscribe.

This is the fundamental basis on which I write these blogs (and conduct my career): by concerted actions and realistic thoughts you can overcome barriers and grow. But don’t think that you can just knock them down or avoid them simply because you don’t like them.

  • It’s all very well to say “we want a cap on immigration” but there is no way of actually achieving it so long as we are part of the EU, as it is currently constituted.
  • Controlling electricity prices sounds great to one half of the contract but not to the other. So what will happen? What would any of us do if told we weren’t getting paid as much next month?

The companies that we serve benefit from a realistic assessment, realistic thoughts and an agreed solution that, taking just the last month as an example, has produced growth including:

  • In FD Solutions – a prospectus that raises enough for the company without de-motivating the founders.
  • In HR Director Solutions – a management re-structure that will re-motivate everyone and restore the business to profitability.
  • In Sales Director Solutions – the implementation of a sales strategy that led to the client’s order book growing more in one month than in the previous twelve.

These solutions are not just analytical but recognise the emotions involved in giving up equity, changing roles and challenging the status quo that people have come to accept as ‘normality’.

So why doesn’t it work at a macro level? I’m at a loss for words. I’d love to hear your suggestions because the only answer I can come up with is – “gobble gobble”.