True flexibility

Published on March 17, 2015


WealthBeing, due out in September, has grown to 68,000 words on creating wealth and enjoying well-being. But it still has only two paragraphs on physical well-being.

So it’s just as well that Lara Morgan has filled this gap, not just by agreeing to write the foreword for yours truly but by bringing out activebod, a range of products that make you feel better, especially after a workout.

What’s even better is that the aforementioned persona, whom I might term the Shirley Conran and Linda Carter for the new millennium, has applied many of the principles of WealthBeing, and she hasn’t even read it yet. Since my aim in writing it was to encapsulate what good business people do, as well as make sure that they look after themselves, it’s re-assuring when I see such alignment:

  • Lara’s success is self-evident and her horizons now stretch beyond those of the target reader of WealthBeing who has yet to branch out on her own. Nevertheless Lara has applied one of my core principles, that of “bringing something new to what you know”. Having supplied toiletry products made in miniature for hotels, it’s innovation of the best sort that sees her create a new product for your bathroom which your average superwoman tri-athlete has plenty of opportunity to test.
  • You might have assumed that with the backing that she has, and the ability to open doors which comes with success (in opening doors), a simple distribution agreement with Boots would suffice. Well, no it doesn’t. As I say, and Lara does, ‘”pushing” products through distributors is not very effective without some pull from the end-user side and I’m sure I’m not the only one to be asked to spread the word.

But maybe I’m the only chap? For try as I might the only masculine endorsement (another essential in business building albeit not gender specific) that I can find is buried in the ingredients section where Allan Toin and the two Bens (Ben ZoicAcid and Ben ZylAlcohol) make a somewhat diffident appearance. But I don’t mind. Anyone who travels the WealthBeing road, and others similar, is going to be on their own, in that their chosen business will to a greater or lesser extent, be about them and their desire to meet their needs for things like self-esteem, the meaning of their life and aesthetic matters, often referred to as beauty, truth and goodness.

WealthBeing recognises that for some people, creating a business is a means to an end to get the freedom that comes with it, and that selling it is not the end of the road. As I meet more of these people, I discover that this freedom is often matched by a desire to serve others. And that is what I most admire about Lara: her urge to create something that will make others feel good, and the profits from which will be used to increase fitness and so the nation’s health.

It’s just a shame that there seems to be no desire on her part to create a fragrance that makes you feel better BEFORE a workout. Surely there’s a huge gap in the market for “No More Excuses, Get Your Kit On And Get Out There”, or the “SuperMarsBar” that helps with Work, Zest and Play”?

Maybe that will remain a problem of mind over matter that no fragrance or guide can remedy?