As an experienced team of finance directors, we are used to working with risk. Our work exposes us to cashflow risks, income risks, audit risks, public market risks and obligations, directors’ risks and obligations, corporate governance risks, regulatory risks associated with the professional and financial services and the not-for-profit sectors, trading and viability risks and more.

There are two key aspects to how we manage and mitigate risks. First, through our broad experience, we are able to identify risks. Second, with our ability to understand the operational and strategic elements, we are able to develop appropriate control procedures or processes.

In City institutions, the most common career route for risk managers is a sideways move from finance to risk. We have that finance background: as qualified accountants with analytical minds, we are used to working in regulated areas and dealing with legislation. We are a regulated firm (ICAEW) with credibility in a professional environment.

Our staff benefit from the ability to share experiences with one another, discussing their work and improving further work based on suggestions from colleagues. This enables us to achieve the highest standards and to go beyond our individual limits.

We are used to working with clients across different industries. We are able to utilise our multi-sector experience to deliver effective and efficient risk management services.

Risk is a subjective field and we use our communication skills to help management reach sensible conclusions and to facilitate decision making.

For a confidential discussion on how we can help you manage and mitigate risk, please contact us today.