Need a UK presence? With London recognised as a major financial centre,
plenty of companies with operations abroad are quoted on the UK’s stock exchanges, AIM and ISDX in particular. This requires them to have a UK presence that doesn’t merit their own office staffed by their own accounts team.FD Solutions acts as an outsourced FD and accounts department for PLC companies with operations as far afield as South America, Australia, Sweden, Italy and South Africa.
Multi-lingual We have multi-lingual experience too. We have French, Spanish and Italian speakers among our team.Nous avons une expérience multilinguistique également. Nous avons des personnes qui parlent le Français, l’Espagnol et l’Italien dans notre équipe.

La nostra azienda ha maturato una prestigiosa e lunga esperienza internazionale. Nel nostro gruppo vantiamo collaboratori che parlano francese, spagnolo e italiano.

Tenemos experiencia multi-lengual también. En nuestro equipo hay hablantes de francés, español e italiano.