There are occasions where a company has a full-time FD and wants a non-executive finance director rather than an executive director, with financial expertise and relevant business experience. We can help here too.

Pragmatic realistic solutions We have a culture of providing solutions to problems and will always endeavour to provide this service. We have seen many awkward situations where it appears that a company can’t float or can’t agree the subscription agreement or the loan covenants. We are used to coming up with pragmatic realistic solutions to these issues, maybe re-negotiating the terms or discovering on closer examination that they are fair, reasonable and achievable after all.
Relevant business experience And we have general business expertise too. We each have specific industry expertise, for example Malcolm Durham, our chairman, has worked in software, construction and professional services, while Richard Brooks is an expert in food manufacturing. And we know the general business issues that confront a company going through a period of intense change. Our foresight can help avoid the worst problems and provide tried and tested solutions to issues as varied as bonus schemes and relocation.
Corporate governance Some NEDs emphasise corporate governance and how to make sure that a company is properly governed. We can do that as we have been directors for many years and are trained on the Companies Act 2006 by solicitors.