Clarity of information FD Solutions are experts in helping businesses present their management information in a way that has impact, meaning and clarity. Look at this example to see what we mean.
Concise reporting So often, Board accounts packs consist of countless pages of impenetrable figures. They may mean something to the accounts department who have prepared them, but they leave Board members confused and unable to understand what is happening in their business. We present management information in a way that reflects the way in which the owners see their business.
Relevant key performance indicators Individual KPIs can be added to suit the individual business’s needs. We show key data on a single page, giving an immediate overview of the trading performance of the business. Typically, a summary profit and loss account will show trading performance to date, the balance sheet will show where the business is now, and a cash flow forecast will show where it is going in the future.
Written report explaining accounts Finally, we produce a written report, in plain English, explaining the issues facing the business – ideal for those who find the written word easier to digest than a page of numbers. Behind the summary page will be detailed schedules to support these explanations and recommendations.