For many businesses, Financial Accounting is changing more rapidly than it has in a generation, with the advent of International Financial reporting Standards (IFRS). The changes are material and on migration, the work needs to be done for not only the current year, but the two prior years in order to provide compliant comparative numbers.

This is specialist work with a steep learning curve. Not every in-house finance department has the capacity to perform all of this work within the required timeframe. In certain cases, as a result of professional guidelines your auditors may not be able to provide you with this assistance.

For those times, FD Solutions has developed its own expertise on IFRS and has helped numerous businesses through the change process.

With the right in-house expertise, our finance directors will also play a key role in preparing your accounts for audit and discussing significant accounting issues with you and your auditors so that you are aware of the financial results of the business at an early stage.