Our Finance Directors are experienced in business engaged with the export of goods and services, including VAT issues, statistical reporting and financing. We will discuss the expansion plans, the regulatory issues, including local VAT in the export countries and how to secure funding. We will sit alongside your management and identify sources of finance and protection of revenues through guarantee schemes (if available) and foreign currency hedging opportunities.

We can assist with the negotiation of trade terms relevant to overseas markets and securing cash flows against payment default.

We will support your company in discussions with potential providers of finance and the set-up of robust payment terms, foreign exchange cash flows, hedging needs and the monitoring of adherence to these. We have experience of negotiating foreign currency based letters of credit, discounting letters of credit and the related bonds, indemnities and guarantees required.

We have experience of setting up operations overseas whether for sales or production and working with overseas advisors to ensure entities get set up as quickly as possible to allow you to implement your plans.

Business planning

Cash flow management

Raising finance