Obtaining the best price when selling all or part of a business is not always straight forward. The buyers’ due-diligence enquiry process can be hugely distracting and time consuming for management. Any surprises coming out of the due-diligence process can subsequently damage the sale price, or even derail the sale.

The solution to this is preparation. By collating and reviewing the information for the due-diligence process in advance of the sale process – then providing a managed ‘data-room’ for potential buyers, two things are achieved. Firstly, the chance of nasty surprises is substantially reduced. Secondly, the disclosure of commercially sensitive information is controlled, eliminating the risk of clever interviewing resulting in over-disclosure.

FD Solution’s expertise in due diligence enables us to act as game-keeper, reducing the distractions to management, collating the necessary information for potential buyers, identifying problem areas in advance and managing the disclosure process.

For the avoidance of doubt, data-rooms now tend to be virtual rather than physical, with sophisticated controls to impose ‘view-only’ access and report who has accessed (or printed if enabled) which content