Our Finance Directors are experienced in preparing and critiquing comprehensive business plans. Often the first time a business plan is produced is to attract shareholder and debt finance for your company. However, documenting and analysing the business’ plans and setting out how you see the development and growth of the business is a great way to communicate those plans to the rest of you team and to deal with the inevitable barriers to growth.

Financial projections form a significant part of the plan. Revenues, direct and indirect costs, inventory levels, capital expenditure, availability of debt and equity finance should all be considered. Flexibility is also vital. Business plans change and evolve and we can help you build a model that will grow with the business and allow you and your stakeholders to consider different scenarios.

Potential providers of finance need an understanding of current operations and planned future operations. Your business plan should be well organised and presented. The company should also provide information in respect of planned financing and the cost of funding/repayments, the management structure and the reporting and monitoring processes.

The business plan should have a good introduction, explain the company’s business and the relevant markets in which it operates, discuss competition and be clearly set out. Financial information provided should be capable of being supported.