Selling your business

Want to sell your business at the right time and the right price?

Many business owners fail to get the price they deserve because they haven’t reflected the quality of the business in the financial documentation.

Business people often expect to sell the enterprise and retire on their terms, or start again.

We have helped many business people over the finishing line, by presenting clear forecasts that are easily validated and supported by objective information and rigorous controls.

Here are the key ways we make your sale a success:

Ensure your records are complete and accurate

Buyers agree a purchase price based on future expectations and those expectations are based, in part on your past performance. In order to evaluate the past business performance, they will use your financial information and so it’s vital that your management information is up to date, reliable and meaningful. This can take time and the earlier you get it sorted, the easier it will be.

Prepare the information that a buyer will need

Going through the due diligence process can be a stressful and disruptive experience. We are experienced in compiling all the financial information needed, often referred to as a ‘data room’ to speed up the due diligence process and get you to the finish line faster.

Build a forecast model that helps you achieve the real value for your business

Buyers like to cast doubt on your assumptions. What if your sales don’t grow that fast. What is some customers leave after the purchase? So, it’s vital that you have a forecasting model that consider range of scenarios so that you can pre-empt these question and demonstrate why the price you are asking for is fair.

Take a look at an example of one of our financial models here to see how one should be built.

Manage the financial aspects of the transaction so that you can focus on the business

Over the last 20 years, we have seen a number of entrepreneurs try to sell their businesses and ‘take their eye of the ball’. Guess what happens? That’s right; the performance of the business suffers which then impacts the sale price at a multiple! Working as a part of the team, we can deal with a ll the financial aspects of the sale enabling you to concentrate on the key issues of the sale and your business operation.

For an initial discussion on how we can help you prepare for sale, contact us today.