While the ecosystem for technology companies is second to none in the UK, it needs to be so. Technology remains a fast-moving, highly competitive sector where to-day’s bright idea may be obsolete tomorrow. Turning ideas into reality requires clearly set out plans that show product development and marketing costs, the revenue/business model and the metrics that drive valuations, which often bear no relation to traditional financial measures. Our ability to create these plans and explain them to investors and funders has enabled many companies to raise equity funds and to obtain R&D tax credits and Technology Strategy Board (TSB) grants.

With such a rate of change, risks are high and plans rarely work first time. Our assistance has also enabled businesses to demonstrate why they are behind forecast and restored confidence of the shareholders in management.

“Delighted with the dedication and expertise; speedy and professional.”
Liad Shababo, Money Gaming Corporation


Our team

Clive Eplett

Clive Eplett

Clive Eplett has in-depth knowledge of office applications and communications. He was part of the team that expanded Changebase, a utility to test applications’ compatibility for Windows that was sold to Quest in 2011. At “T”, which sells Control Systems he was instrumental in revising strategy that resulted in a 10 fold increase in sales.

Roger Hearn has implemented the turnaround of a software business. He reduced costs, introduced a suitable accounting package and negotiated with its main clients to ensure that the company could complete a trade sale.

Mark Guilford

Mark Guilford implemented IFRS reporting, developed internal controls and formalised accounting procedures at Powa Technologies group.

Malcolm Durham

Malcolm Durham

Malcolm Durham was FD of a software business which had exhausted the investment of its VC backer without generating positive cashflow. He restored its profitability, installed suitable accounting systems and reduced its tax bill by carefully interpreting rules of residency.