Financial Services

In the wake of the crash, the innovation in this sector has continued apace. The behemoths may still be too big to fail but there are many new entrants such as Challenger Banks, peer-to-peer lenders and crowd funders, as well as new ways of working in established businesses, such as RDR (the Retail Distribution Review).

We have been able to assist some of these new ventures as they establish themselves so that they have systems which comply with the necessary but voluminous rulebooks in an efficient manner. We were an essential part of a specialist invoice discounter which kept staff to a minimum using accounting software specified and managed by Richard Brooks.


“Delighted with the dedication and expertise; speedy and professional.”
Liad Shababo, Money Gaming Corporation

Our team

Graham Elliott

Graham Elliott spent 15 years in Finance at Deutsche Bank AG, the last 9 of which as a Managing Director. During this period he acted as CFO for a number of businesses in the investment bank, including FX, Commodities, secured and unsecured funding, short-term interest rate derivatives, bond and commercial paper trading, as well as the Group Treasury activities of cash management and liquidity, including debt issuance. He was also latterly responsible for the Sarbanes-Oxley governance for the Group and acted for Finance across many initiatives such as the delivery of a year-long project to upgrade the Group market risk sensitivity reporting from T+2 to T+1, the Finance response to the Lehman crisis, as well as projects in the areas of information security, operational risk management, organisational design and the steering of process improvement.

Anupama Choudhury

Anupama Choudhury was finance business partner at Direct Line Group before assuming responsibility for SOX compliance and risk assessment for an asset management service.

Nafees was Head of Finance for Fulcrum, a fund which invests in public infrastructure. Recruited after a difficult acquisition, he managed cashflow and rebuilt their financial systems and processes, restructuring the team, and implementing project costing that gave greater visibility to cashflow.

In 2011 he was seconded on behalf of Fulcrum’s parent as CFO for the Nottingham Tram extension project, which was completed in 2015. He guided other staff within the project companies on the contractual requirements, and was primary liaison with the legal advisers on the projects. He negotiated with lenders to obtain approval for new forecasts despite a difficult trading record.