Raising Finance

Is raising finance more challenging than it should be?

Businesses often fail to secure the funding that they need for their growth. The reason is not that they don’t deserve it, rather it is because they don’t show why they deserve it.

We have a proven track record, over 20 years, of successfully raising finance on the best possible terms, through every phase of a business’s lifetime, by presenting the right information to the right people in the right way.

The days when you just went to your local friendly big bank manager and asked for an increased overdraft are long gone. Now, the big 4 banks want to see quality information and forecast, realistic business plans and strong management teams. And so they should! The problem is the application then goes to credit committee and that personal contact is lost, which means that the information you provide must tell the right story.

There are now other options with new banks coming on the scene and we can help introduce you to these new banks and help you provide the right information to obtain funding.

Crowdfunding is also making a huge impact on the SME market. There is now an online marketplace to help businesses find low cost loans up to £1m quickly whilst investors get better returns or to raise loans of up to £3m with no penalty for early repayment for secured lending. The on-line solutions also extend to peer-to-peer invoice discounting with some lending against individual invoices.

There are also a range of finance businesses providing trade finance such as factoring and invoice discounting that may be appropriate for your business..

For an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of you information and the likely options for raising finance, contact us today.