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Whatever the financial situation in your business, we are available to help. Between us we have encountered most situations and have provided FD support in almost every sector. As the Financial Times said: “… with experts at your fingertips and the freedom to use their services when needed, outsourcing can provide a vital boost to your business.”

Clive Eplett

Clive Eplett


In 15 years as a part-time FD, Clive has helped companies in areas as diverse as hospitalitytechnology, online education, travel, media, aero-engines and retail.

Assignments for these clients has included major strategy enhancements, fundraising and business modelling, finance recruitment, forensic audit, mentoring and stressed cash management and turnarounds.

His other interests include:

  • boosting cashflow through improved processes
  • Enhancing strategy using the Business Model Generation Canvas
  • protecting stakeholders when banks introduce Reporting Accountants
  • transitional accounting arrangements when a business is bought out of a larger group
  • succession planning

Clive qualified with a big-8 firm. Subsequently he spent ten years as FD in a quoted pub group, initially sorting out an inherited accounting mess, after which the business delivered nearly a decade of 25% compound growth. He also led several acquisitions plus AIM and full LSE listing, managed the IT and EPoS departments and for his last 12 months also led property development.

It will be no surprise that he heads our Hospitality and Leisure team. He is also our IT Director.