Manufacturing & Engineering

The media have long bemoaned the plight of the manufacturing sector in the UK but there are still many successful such businesses and they are being added to all the time. Traditional accounting systems, even the stalwart Sage Line50, can provide a lot of the information needed to make them profitable. But like any tool they require operators with sufficient skill to make them work well. By configuring the accounts of a drinks business we could see where profits were being generated and used this information in a forecast which supported its expansion overseas.

Complex processes, as found in an automotive engineering business for example, need to be properly understood if they are to be financed securely. Our commercial experience enables us to distill the components of the process into a model that accurately reflects its financial nature so that investors and lenders can engineer their services to suit the business.


Thank you for your erudite and insightful report – I’m glad that you were able to support us through this process.
Simon Fry, Fenland Laundries Limited

Our team

Richard Miner

Richard Miner

Richard Miner successfully raised funds for a new factory for a paper manufacturer and refinanced its working capital facilities while computerising the stock management system. He also completed the earn-out negotiations for a Swedish target and, more recently, has raised finance for a variety of equipment purchases where no sources were thought to exist.

Gavin Hill has spent most of his career in high tech engineering, print & packaging and aluminium manufacture. He was Divisional Finance Director of a Packaging business for a 7 year period which encompassed the acquisition of three companies and related re-organisation.

Paul Randall

Paul Randall worked as FD for a £1m p.a. revenue engineering business that was sold via trade sale.

Mark Guilford

Mark Guilford increased turnover of the export division of a manufacturer by 42% by revising contracts with distributors, and appointing distributors in new territories. He improved profitability of one business centre by 15% by introducing Activity Based Costing techniques and reduced the average number of days to collect cash from customers by 3 days and inventory levels by 4%.

Chris Backhouse

Chris Backhouse

Chris Backhouse introduced a planning methodology to an engineering group that turned its electronics business from losses to net profits, and improved working capital by doubling stock turn. He led the acquisition of a £3m turnover Water Engineering business for a VC backed business. He also introduced financial forecasting and budgeting to a family run technology company selling laboratory equipment worldwide via distributors and its subsidiaries, assisting with the establishment of manufacturing facilities in China, managing the group through a period of 4 day working to growth of 200% over 5 years, managing cashflows and sourcing finance for expansion, including a £1m loan via crowd funding.