Managing Growth

Finding it difficult to manage growth?

Eroding margins and not enough time are common problems. We can help by quickly and usefully interrogating the information available, and highlight the specific problems with a clarity that often makes the solutions equally clear.

Building a business that is profitable is not as easy as it looks. Pressures inside and outside the business erode margins and sometimes entrepreneurs wonder why they are working even harder and only just about keeping their head above water.

For over 20 years, we have been providing entrepreneurs with the intelligence they need to make the right decisions and fund their business in the right way.

Time and again, we see management accounts that are a sea of numbers that are produced every month and never looked at. We believe that all the information you need to manage your business can be put on two pages! Then it becomes effective and helps you make the right decisions. Look at this example to see what we mean.

Remember when you started with those carefully laid out plans. Now you have to deal with operational and financial issues on a day to day basis that are just getting in the way. The VAT’s due next week, you’ve increased your staff numbers and the PAYE liability just keeps getting bigger and bigger and that key customer promised to pay you last week and you’re still waiting.

That’s why, with virtually every new client, the first thing we do is build them a forecasting model so that they can see the financial outcomes of their decisions and plan ahead for these sorts of eventuality. We continue to be amazed at how resilient and competent entrepreneurs are once they know what the problem is and our job is to provide them with that business intelligence.

Take a look at an example of one of our financial models here to see how one should be built.

If you’d like some help with improving your management information or building a financial model that can help you make the right decisions, contact us today.