Published on July 1, 2015


We seem to have been beset by earthquakes in the last month. I don’t know what caused the one on Kinabalu nor that on Everest, but my friend Deri Llewellyn-Davies who was on Everest at the time says that his first thought was “what is this?”, and it took a while for them to realise it was actually an earthquake. They were on a glacier moraine so weren’t hit by anything. Some pressed on to their goal and were in sight of the summit when the second tremor struck. But even then it took an official closure of the mountain to get the remaining members of this expedition to turn back, and avoid the third tremor. That’s a good thing and ensured that he kept his promise to me not to get killed.

When the Sunday Times first exposed the goings on at FIFA the earth only shook slightly, and metaphorically. It was better, or easier, to carry on. It was only when the FBI turned up that some people fell, but even then the leader continued. That’s what leaders do right? If you’re climbing Everest you need a leader who doesn’t stop at the first sign of trouble. Or the second.

It’s really hard to tell what should make us change our course, when obstacles are big or too big. Sometimes the best that we can do is look at the patterns that are emerging. Maybe Arlo Guthrie got it right in Alice’s restaurant

You know, if one person, just one person, does it, they may think he’s Really sick and they won’t take him.

And if two people do it, in harmony, they may think they’re both faggots and They won’t take either of them.

And if three people do it! Can you imagine three people walkin’ in, singin’ A bar of “Alice’s Restaurant” and walkin’ out? They may think it’s an Organization!

We don’t need another ungoverned FIFA but maybe we need an organisation to help us identify when to turn round. How about a round (kickable) object as it’s symbol?