Make your finance application stand out

Published on June 6, 2016

Business plans that successfully raise money  contain three elements:

Clear information

It’s not just demonstration of revenues and profits before tax. Clear information shows you where that revenue and profit comes from, how many customers you’re selling to, and how much you’re selling including by unit, not just price.

Realistic information

By conversing with each department, you will gain a clear understanding of how your business is performing, get their commitment to the plans and so represent your information realistically.

All the information

Make sure you display all the necessary information. You need to demonstrate how you are turning the profit you make into cash and a balance sheet. You need more checks than just the balance sheet: in the spreadsheets include how you validate them.

When approaching an investor, you need to prove your business. The “Gold Standard” is all about information and the information that you provide will be the difference between success and failure.

Our video explains more.