Case Studies

Why insightful information is vital to a transaction

The quote “If you think it is expensive to hire a Professional, wait until you’ve hired an Amateur” has never been more applicable than to the ethos of FD Solutions, as it applies to the service they provide.

I have had the misfortune of hiring an FD from a competitor of FD Solutions with disastrous results.  The service was of poor quality, unprofessional and the advice given was seeped with self-interest. Subsequently I have had the fortune of working with two FDs from FD Solutions:

  1. In putting together a business plan for my own business; and
  2. In assisting me with analysis and presentation of financial information from one of my businesses for the purposes of a corporate finance transaction.

The business plan was completed quickly and efficiently and provided me with the material that I needed to talk to potential funders.  Its clarity ensured that potential funders who were not familiar with my business model were able to understand it easily.

The presentation of financial information was also delivered on time and provided coruscating clarity in the management accounts information that the Company worked with.  The analysis and interpretation of the management accounts undertaken by FD Solutions enabled all parties to engage in a high quality dialogue regarding the salient aspects of the business.  This saved a great deal of time and probably reduced the transaction timetable by a good two months.  In addition, the assignment was completed with minimal disruption to the business.

In my business dealings going forward, if the financial information of the project falls below that of the quality I have experienced from FD Solutions, I shall insist that one of their FDs is brought in to provide analysis and interpretation, which will no doubt lead to making better quality decisions sooner.

Charles Warner-Allen of CWA Associates Trade Finance entrepeneur