Case Studies

Setting up systems for fine-food mail-order client

Long-standing client

FD Solutions were introduced to H Forman & Son in 1999 by their auditors when, following a fire, there was an urgent need for assistance with their finance function. A flood a few years later resulted in new premises having to be acquired and fitted out, and again FD Solutionsassisted with the finance matters. Richard Brooks spearheads our work on this client’s affairs.

Recruiting an FC

In 2002 we recruited to H Forman & Son a Financial Controller through our network of contacts, and that FC has now been in the post ever since.

Setting up systems

In 2003 we were asked to help set up complete systems for the mail order food business Forman & Field, which had been launched the previous year. Forman & Field is a fine-food mail order company specialising in fresh, traditional British produce from small, independent producers. It shares premises in East London with its parent company, H Forman & Son, a 100-year-old family business supplying smoked salmon, caviar and other smoked and fresh fish to the world’s leading hotels and finest restaurants.

Improving processes

FD Solutions continues to provide support to both H Forman & Son and Forman & Field, including assistance with the annual accounts pack for auditors, and reviews and implementation of improved report processes.