Blog 100

Published on June 23, 2016


It’s official. I have passed the milestone of 100 blogs. From 2011 I have been sharing my thoughts with you fortnightly and, some five years later, we can look back on 100 musings that have been described, on occasion, as helpful thoughtful, insightful and… whimsical? One blog a fortnight might not seem a lot to the daily bloggers, but my aim was never to share a journey with you, as they usually do, nor the details of, say, a pigeon’s life , rather to take what is going on in the world and relate it to our challenges: and while it seems as if the world’s pace is becoming ever more frenetic, connected as we are in milliseconds, the amount that is useful to me, that I feel worth sharing with you, is currently optimally served up fortnightly.

500 words 100 times is 50,000 (once an accountant..) which is a book. And while writing these I have written a book WealthBeing- a guide to creating wealth and enjoying wellbeing – an endeavour which I started in 2012 and finished last year, sustained by the encouraging comments about this blog which gave me the belief that I could indeed write something worth reading.

It’s hard to keep going – writing a book, a blog, building a business. Milestones such as this and winning awards which FD Solutions did in 2008 and 2012, are a great help but the biggest help usually comes from someone who is or has been in the same situation as you, who can empathise. I hope that this blog has provided succour at least once on your journey -having been in business for 30 years, having worked with many SMEs as FD or mentor, I have learnt what solutions will work.

The answer is……….

And …………

But don’t forget ………….

It’s not possible to give answers because my answer won’t be your answer. All I can do, all any of us can ever do, is ask if you’re ready to look for an answer from someone else and then suggest options which may be, or lead to the answer. Sometimes those pieces of advice are what we don’t want to hear – stop investing in this new product, sack a close friend. Often they appear contradictory: “many hands make light work” but “too many cooks spoil the broth” so we get frustrated and reject the advice. Often we reject the adviser too.

Unless we follow the only advice that is always valid: the answer is somewhere in-between – neither left nor right but, starting where you are the way is a little to the right, then back to the left then straight on.

Our ability to find the right course comes through wisdom and experience which we get from our mistakes, and sometimes from those of others, which is why I write the blog and may be why you read it? Or maybe it’s for the cartoon – there’s always been a cartoon, drawn by David Lewis who finds the funny side of whatever I write and gives us cause to smile and carry on exactly as before, for another 100 blogs.