5 tools all SME owners should use in 2016 and beyond

Published on December 11, 2015

In order to grow a business successfully you need to know where you are going, how to get there and what to do when you do! You may be overwhelmed by the number of apps that can help you do this so we at Flexible Directors have drawn up our own list of  5 essential tools that will do this.

  1. Corporate Cashflow Calculator

This is the smartest app to show you where your finances are going. We should know because we designed it! Using our knowledge of finance for growth we designed this app so that new businesses and growing ventures can estimate their cash requirements for 1 and 5 years in a about 30 minutes. Input annual sales volumes prices and margins along with salaries, overheads and the time it takes to pay and get paid and immediately you can see how much cash you will need to realise your ambitions. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices.


  1. Rockstars App

It takes a lot of skill and courage to create a successful business. There are many pitfalls to be avoided and by talking to a mentor you are almost sure to avoid them. Rockstar Mentoring is the UK’s leading mentoring organisation because all its mentors have “been there, done that and got the t-shirt”: each of them has built and sold at least one business and this experience is available to you via the soon to be launched App or via its website and membership.


  1. Skype for business

In order to get there you need a team that knows what it’s doing. It’s not long before quick chats or hollering across the tiny office won’t do and you need to talk to people properly and frequently, all the while without taking them away from vital tasks for any longer than absolutely necessary. For video conferences, Skype remains the app to get. It’s effective for conversations with telecommuting colleagues, international corporate partners and, indeed, anyone else who you might encounter. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and the iPad and now allows you to share data from other apps without leaving the conversation (in iOS 9.).


  1. Dropbox for business

As you grow your business, you are likely to have to store more and more documents. Thankfully, Dropbox is a great platform for doing this safely and cheaply since it uses the cloud. There are also free trials for you to try beforehand


  1. WealthBeing

If you want to know when you will have got there, use the WealthBeing tool which allows you to calculate how much profit the business should make in order for you to be financially independent, and realise all your ambitions. Just list your monthly spend as well as education costs for your children, a house (maybe two) and the treasured possessions and once in a lifetime experiences that you’ve dreamed about, and the tool will work it out for you.