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Every enterprise needs a good Finance Director. Most are unaware that they can actually afford one – a part time FD who provides the necessary knowledge and skills as and when required. Unlike an interim FD, our part time Finance Directors can be there for the long haul, combining experience and expertise across multiple sectors with total flexibility; covering both routine activities and one-off projects.

The videos below explain a bit about some of the pressing financial matters that businesses encounter. Whether you’re raising capital, thinking of selling or need a clear financial plan, we can help.

How much do you sell an interest in your business for?

How and why to exit your business

What does a Finance Model consist of?

What our clients say

I can tell you that I highly recommend Ian. His work is effective, well presented and understandable. Our principle funders have often commented on how clear our financial information is and this has helped win the confidence the organisation has needed.
Guy Morley, Managing Director, Sound and Music